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10 Things a Graduate must do


  1. As a graduates, don’t fail to start up something if u have what it takes. No matter how small cos a good Biz on a good platform will grow and expand with time.
  1. Don’t neglect the dreams of other entrepreneurs or neglect working with a small firm. If they are still in small levels, work with them, contribute your quota, be patient and help them to build a future even if you don’t plan to be with them or just for while. Because so doing, you are creating a value for yourself so that if they eventually grow bigger, u will be welcome back . Remember GtBank started small and those who uphold the dreams of the founders when they at little beginning are now sitting in their home receiving big shares.
  1. If you have plans to start up a business, don’t start at the top, get the grass root experience, cos u need that knowledge to make decisions at the top. For instance, if want to start production, why not start by investing on the raw materials and supplying to the production company.
  1. Savings if very important, learn to save right from home, from your little earnings and from your salary. Don’t be too quick to spend your money, explore all possible alternative to have a minimum of 20% savings.
  1. If you must search for job, do not search for job at a highly populated areas and location made up of professional skills which you don’t have. And learn to diversify your skills by learning more and acquired more creative and innovative skills. So that you can fit in in all available opportunities.
  1. When you eventually get something that fetch you money, don’t fail to key in to mortgage, fix deposit and buying of shares because it’s help your get a house, good saving and be an executive in a big film respectively at a short time.
  1. Get married when you can and make sure both of you have something doing before involving kids. Don’t give birth to number of children that is above your resources. This is because to train, feed and give a child the best education in Nigeria is estimated as N500,000 at average.
  1. Lastly, it pays when you live right, uphold your religion with sincerity, love and treat others with care and truth. Give to those in need. Maintain a self discipline character, integrity and self esteem. Do what is right and approach life with truth, love and diligence.
  1. In conclusion, Joy is simply achieved by putting
(J)esus first,
(O)thers second and
(Y)ou last

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