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attitude as Smart Object-1The sensitivity of the word “ATTITUDE” has always made writing about it a careful art and not to be confuse with character. Altitude is defined by so many authors, however Altitude is simply the art in all act. Human are the most advanced animal on planet Earth not because of our physical appearance or building capability but our thinking faculty. Every man is different from the other base on three concept, the BIF (Believe, Conviction and Faith). Believe is personal, it is developed over the years a man spend on earth, it is vulnerable to changes and influence by religion. Faith in the other hand is tired to religion and Conviction is an unshakable laws made by an individual to guide one through life which is develop from ones experience on the adversity which confront him. It does not matter where you are from, the BIF control the outward action of every man. It is sharpen and modifies all men.


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