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The Irony of Character

3d-character-4Although what am about to write maybe or may not be contrary to what William Shakespeare once said, “Some are born great” however no knowledge is absolute.

Everyone is born equal, we all possess a divine and natural personality that made up our true inner self, for instance some say men are naturally born to cheat in a relationship and others say, all men are born wicked, which are some of the true inner self of all men. Our inner self (consciousness) is like the sky, and our thoughts are like clouds. The clouds drift through the sky, hide it for a while and if this thought is transform to power, it can hid our inner self forever. This simply means that, by creation, a kind man is not different from a wicked man, a faithful husband or wife is not different from one who cheats, peace maker is not different from a trouble maker, a goal achiever is not different from a goal repeller but what makes the different is our art and worth of thought which we ingrediented with emotional power and desire to our thought to transform to WILL power. Do not write out a friend, business pal, love ones, spouse, relative because of their expression of the bad inner self of every true human, rather help them to hide it by teaching them to renew their mind with positive thoughts, back up with emotional force and a strong desire to cloud their truly bad inner self. However, you should do that when you know that you have totally cloud your bad inner self and are strong enough to apply the principle of repelling negative thought because;

  • Your mind is your thought and your thought is from the thoughts your mind attracts and think. The thought that you think is the thought that you allow to stay and these thought you allow to stay modifies who you are and your inner self.
  • Thoughts are transferable and your mind is an automatic receiving machine. It cannot prevent them from coming but can only filters out and rejects.

So if you aren’t careful, you may be infected by them


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