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I want to call your attention to the fact that nothing is too good for YOU – no matter how great the thing may be – no matter how undeserving you may seem to be. You are entitled to the best there is, for it is your direct inheritance. So don’t be afraid to ask – demand – and take. The good things of the world are not the portion of any favored sons. They belong to all, but they come only to those who are wise enough to recognize that the good things are theirs by right, and who are sufficiently courageous to reach out for them. Many good things are lost for want of the asking. Many splendid things are lost to you because of your feeling that you are unworthy of them. Many great things are lost to you because you lack the confidence and courage to demand and take possession of them. The good things that makes life worth living today that I have, is not because I have the money or because I can afford them but I just see myself acquiring them because I believe and know that nothing is too good for me and as long as am an heir of the Father of every good things. All I do is just to ask my Father and wait patiently with faith backed up with works and here it’s comes. Every good things like cars, international business, good job, happiness, house, private jet etc that you see in others and envy are not made for them alone. Yours is waiting for you to come and claim it. The good things of this world can go round everybody. Infact its in excess at the store. So don’t feel you will be cheating anyone or don’t feel bad or cheated if someone have thrice of what you dream of. Everyone has a good packages with his/her name written in it but its unfortunately that some don’t claim it before they leave. This is how the excess comes to play. Don’t envy anybody, don’t say if I could, don’t say I wish. SAY WHERE IS MINE, then go get it,because its rightfully yours if you are heir of the Father of every good things of this world. Stay connected to your Father so that your won’t beg the devil for a fraction of a whole that belongs to you.



Am not a preacher or pastor, just want to take the away the NON from NONSENSE and give you the SENSE


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